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Carboguard 640

Carboguard® 640 is an ideal high build coating for any service or structure, marine or industrial, where water or corrosion resistance is required. Carboguard® 640 has excellent proven long-term service case histories for marine hull externals, above & below water, and as a lining for hydro penstocks and gates and similar permanently immersed structures. Carboguard® 640 is the barrier coating of choice under Sea~Barrier™ 1000 and 3000 antifoulings.

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Features & Benefits

  • Premium performance Industrial & Marine quality barrier coating
  • Recommended for permanent fresh & salt water immersion
  • Exceeds performance of Coal Tar Epoxy coatings
  • Over 35 years failure-free case history in permanent fresh-water immersion service
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • High volume solids
  • Suitable for use on concrete surfaces
  • Can be self priming
  • Easy application - thick films may be applied in one application by airless spray
  • Non-bleeding